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Hey everyone! I'm Nigel Zackerhia Blackman III aka Nigz and I've been drawing manga for about 6 years now.  My current project Double Blackness has been on going for about 5 years now. I did an online version for about 3.5 years and got up to about chapter 11 before I decided to pull it all down and make a printed version of the Manga. The printed version was released last year. Volume 1 was printed in October ,volume  2 was printed in February and then volume 3 was printed in June. I've been having a bit of trouble getting the word out and promoting my stuff as well as well as this summer my office had water get into it so I had to rip up parts of the walls and floors since they got moldy =( So this is where everyone comes in! With this campaign I want to get a few things taken care of

- Covering the cost of printing volume 4 and 5
- Part of the cost of fixing the office (repairs include, getting new flooring, fixing the walls that have mold, fixing the crack in the wall that had the water come in)
- Advertising(This pretty much means going to more conventions and teaching others about creating and printing manga and other things like advertising on other websites and such) and cost of getting a good professionally done website ( It costs A LOT to get a really good website made)
- Getting new art supplies and office things I need (A big one is lighting my office is dark like the batcave since its in the basement, Copic 72 sets A and C more colours means I can do better covers and put out colour posters not just the inked once i do, more brushes and nibs and 11x17 Bristol boards, there is probably other minor things I'm not thinking of at the moment but I'll be making a video of it all later)
- A chunk of the money also goes to Indiegogo and Paypal ( like I'd say about 10% of it will go to fees)…

this is the link to it.

Thanks for checking it out guys and be sure to share this with others as well even if you can't help, getting the word out helps

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A few hours ago, Assange made an announcement stating that he's seeking asylum in Ecuador, he's staying at the Ecuadorean Embassy in the UK, this has been made official by the Foreign Minister of Ecuador,
The Friends of Wikileaks aka FOWL, have written a letter for all of us to email the Embassy to persuade them to grant asylum to him. Over the last two years, Ecuador has been supportive of Assange and his work with Wikileaks.
The letter is in the link:,12239.msg35616.html#new
The email is:
Also, if you hadn't done so, David Cameron's letter and the Queen's letter are needed to be mailed, IMMEDIATELY!
the link for that is here:
Send the first letter, by post, to:
David Cameron, Prime Minister
10 Downing Street,
The other letter attached is to the Qu
:iconwikileaks-group:Wikileaks-Group 1 1
Dan's journal, entry one: The blind one.
I've been told i do my best work on sleepless nights. well, its 5:40 AM and i havent slept yet...
Dan: an immortal asshole. he has the ability to heal people, but in return he temporarily gains the wound.
Tsumi: blind summoner.
CHAPTER 1: Cold, cold (K)night
location: ???
dimension: ????
era: ?????
time: ??????
the air was colder than a siberian winter. nothing but sand for miles around in a time and place that he didnt belong in. dan let out a sigh. he'd been lost in this desert for about a week now, and it was only becoming more tiresome. and seeing how he lost his compass a couple days back, (fighting a sand wyvern), he had no idea what damn direction he was headed in. "sometimes," he muttered to himself, "being immortal can be a real pain in the ass." pressing ever onward, (and sinking his teeth into some sand worm jerky) he continued to guess his general direction. (for who can tell whether or not he was headed forward)he hoped to find civilization. on the horizon, as
:iconzakaef:Zakaef 2 19
The Darkest Shadow
ZAKAEF: Fear. a common topic, from the many to the few. the only emotion we all feel, whether we be rich or poor. It draws no line, and cares not about race, gender, or age.
Fear, one of the few true feelings. Here, we see two brothers, who are about to find out the meaning of fear itself...
FRED: But what makes fear my friend? i suppose this is the true question.
TOM: Each person makes thier own fear.
Nobody can escape it, it will follow you forever.
We pray,
We plead,
We beg,
But it doesn't care.
Fear can't heat the screams, for it has no true ears.
Fear can't see the horrors, for it has no eyes.
But it is there.
FRED: Now i ask you, what is the thing we fear the most?
TOM: Thats easy.
FRED: Is it?
TOM: Ourselves. we fear the darkness that inhabits our very souls.
the inescapable fact that we could turn into monsters at the drop of a penny,
at the turn of a page. Fear, not power corrupts. corruption with power comes from fear.
fear of losing that power. What are you afraid of Fred?
:iconzakaef:Zakaef 2 3
King of darkness
"Hey, you awake?" is the first thing you hear. "Hello? Buddy? You okay?" You stand up slowly, and you notice that your ribs hurt. You look at the girl across from you. She looks like she's been through hell itself, covered in soot and Blood. "I think so," you reply. "How about you?" The girl laughs. "Me? you just got here, and you're worried about me? Thats rich." You start to get agitated. you feel fine except for your... "Yeah, thats right, take a good look at your chest, newbie." Your heart. its gone. they took your heart, and you are still alive. in it's place is a creature, greenish and translucent. "What in the fuck is this?" you ask. a natural question. "Whats your name newbie?" The girl asks you. "My name?" "Yeah. your name. yo gotta have one doncha?" You think real hard. "My Name is... ________ ________" (Insert name here) the girl laughs. "Interesting name there. newbie. We'll call you   4." you dont understand. "Four?" The girl nods, somberly. "Yeah, four. on
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'Natasha' by alex-safonov 'Natasha' :iconalex-safonov:alex-safonov 13 2 Degenerator by Whitsteen Degenerator :iconwhitsteen:Whitsteen 4 2

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User n0-username just posted a journal entry to this group and 50 others attacking me because I speak out against rape and am a victim of rape.  He claims that I and all other rape victims are liars.  He says that I have to provide him physical "proof" of my rape or he'll continue harassing me and making posts about me.  He's changed the subject line and test of the entry a few times, but I think you can find it.

Please consider whether this kind of personal attack really belongs in your group. 
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Jeez I can't believe the awful replies you have gotten on this comment.
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What a horrible thing to say.
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Empathy, that's what you need.
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I second this.

I mean, I don't care about feminism one way or another, but repeatedly threatening someone and telling them they need to send you video evidence of their rape?

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